Your Underwater Adventure begins at The Dive Academy!

“I’ve always wanted to try Scuba Diving!!”

If you have ever uttered these words, you are certainly not alone! Learning how to scuba dive is on many, many bucket lists! At The Dive Academy, we are committed to helping people like you learn to dive safely, so that you can have a lifetime of enjoying the spectacular wildlife and landscape beneath the surface.

Afterall, over 70% of your world is Underwater… TOO MUCH TO MISS!

Here is an overview of the Open Water Diver program offered at The Dive Academy.

The SSI OWD Certification Course at The Dive Academy is a comprehensive program with a focus on safety, skill development and fun! Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded the SSI Open Water Diver Certification Card, which is recognized worldwide!

This course consists of 3 parts: Academics, Pool Training and Open Water Check-out Dives.

Academics: The SSI Training Materials and Online Training program were designed to allow students to study the theory of scuba diving at their convenience. This portion of the program is available FREE online. Visit to register and affiliate yourself with The Dive Academy.

Your home study is followed by 4 in class sessions held at The Dive Academy. Our Professional Instructors will review all of the theory with you and prepare you for the written exam.

Pool Training: Our classroom sessions are followed by practical training at Appleby College Pool, located just 5 minutes from The Dive Academy. This is where you will develop your scuba skills in preparation for your Open Water Check-out dives.

Open Water Check-out Dives: To complete your certification, you are required to participate in 4 check-out dives where you will demonstrate your newly acquired skills in open water. There are a couple of options to choose from in order to complete your open water check-out dives.

Locally: During the warmer months, usually April – October, you have the option of completing your check-out dives with us at the Welland Scuba Park. These dives are generally held on one weekend, when you will complete two dives on Saturday morning, and 2 dives on Sunday morning.

Abroad: For those who would prefer to complete their checkout dives in warmer waters, we will provide you with a Universal Referral Form signed by your Dive Academy Instructor. Present this document to the instructor at your destination shop as evidence that you have successfully completed the mandatory classroom and pool sessions of the SSI Open Water Diver Course. Class work will be done at The Dive Academy, followed by pool sessions happening at Appleby College.

Contact us today, and let us help you take your first breath underwater!