SSI Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD)


"When are we running the next SSI Advanced Open Water Diver Program?"

The answer is "ALWAYS"... let me explain.

The SSI Advanced Diver Program is NOT a course. The SSI Advanced Diver Certification is awarded to a diver based on their experience underwater. To qualify for your Advanced Certification, you must complete FOUR Specialty Courses and have completed 24 Open Water Dives, that are logged in your Diver Log Book.

So, the dives that you are doing "right now" qualify for your Advanced Certification.  Participate in a Specialty Program that is of interest to you, and it qualifies for your Advanced Certification.

Please visit our Specialties page for more information about the SSI Courses that are available to help you attain an Advanced Open Water Diver Certification.