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Safety, Speed, Comfort!

MAER Charters is offering stable and comfortable transport to the SA Queen barge and the Birmingham wrecks in Lake Ontario from Tannery Park in Oakville.

See you in 2022!

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Dive Sites in Oakville

SA Queen Barge - Recreational

Ship Type: Steel Barge
Built: July 1895

Sunk: April 2007 
Length: 56ft  Depth: 75 ft
Location: Lake Ontario, Oakville, ON
GPS: N 43 25.112 W079 39.970

Birmingham Crane - Technical Dive
Ship Type: Tugboat & Crane

Built: Unknown
Sunk: mid 1980s 
Length: 150ft, Depth: 147 ft
Location: Lake Ontario, Oakville, ON
GPS: N 43 26.021 W079 36.985

Dive Site in Port Dalhousie

The "Tiller" Wreck - Advanced Dive

Ship Type: Two masted wooden schooner
Lifespan: Built best estimates early 1800s, Sunk: unknown? 
Length: 94ft   Depth: 110ft
Location: Lake Ontario, Port Dalhousie, ON

GPS N43.14.734 W070.17.064

MAER Charters is a Fully Licensed Commercial Charter Boat which meets all Ministry Standards. It has been the dream of  Captain Matt Rooke, a diver, to design a charter boat that is safe, comfortable, fast & stable to transport divers to our local dive sites on Lake Ontario. MAER Charters departs from Tannery Park in Oakville.

What you need to know :

  1. All charters must be paid for in advance

  2. Waivers must be signed and presented to MAER Charters prior to departure - No Exceptions

  3. All divers must wear a mask/face covering at all times while on board, until they gear up for their dive

  4. Hand sanitizer is available on the boat and should be used frequently by all divers

  5. Max. 4 divers on the boat who do not live at the same residence

  6. Max. 6 divers on the boat if the charter includes divers who reside together

  7. Divers should park at Shipyard Park & assemble their gear before boarding 

  8. Bring only the essentials needed for the dive on board

  9. You can suit up before boarding, as it's a very short ride to the dive site

  10. The boat will return to the dock after each dive  

Download Waiver Here

Where will the boat pick me up for the Oakville dives?

Where will the boat pick me up for the Port Dalhousie dives?