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"It used to drive me crazy when I brought my half full tank for a fill, and I would be charged for a full fill!

We really aren't talking about a lot of money, but the principle of it!" Dean McConnachie 

At The Dive Academy we only charge for the work that we actually do, the "top ups".  

  • When a tank comes in, we examine the contents ( air, nitrox or trimix ) and what the existing pressure is.

  • Then we calculate what we have to do to the tank to fill it to the desired pressure and/or mix

  • We record the starting information and the finishing information and then charge you accordingly


Therefore, the fill cost changes from tank to tank, dictated by the starting pressure and the original mix. 

In general, the price to fill an empty 80 cubic foot aluminum tank with air is $10.

For those of you who are looking for nitrox or trimix.

Oxygen is $0.55 per cubic foot

Helium is  $2.75 per cubic foot


Please Note: 

  1.   All tanks must have current Hydro Test and Annual Inspections. 

  2.   Aluminum Tanks must have proof of current Eddy Current Testing.

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