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The Dive Academy is first and foremost a resource for both new and experienced divers. Located in Oakville, Ontario just off the QEW Highway, the Academy is a full-service Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Centre with a focus on offering our customers exceptional service, quality & value.


The Dive Academy is committed to providing comprehensive training programs in a safe, friendly environment. Scuba is fun, no question, but it also requires knowledge & a skill set that should not be rushed. We take our time at The Dive Academy, because we want our customers to have the best experience possible. Supported by SSI, TDI & RAID Certifying Agencies, The Dive Academy can meet the needs of the absolute beginner, to the needs of a Technical Rebreather Diver & Instructor.  We're ready.

Gear Sales, Service & Rental

We have partnered with some of the top brands in the Scuba Industry to provide our customers with both the best quality and value. You will hear us say “It’s all about fit!”, and this is true. It is very difficult to have an enjoyable, safe experience on or in the water with ill fitting gear. We will help you find the best fit for “you”.

The Dive Academy is a Fully Certified Nitrox/TriMix Blending Facility. Whether you are in need of “air” or require a Nitrox or Trimix blend for your next dive, we can help. Our Bauer K14 Compressors, large tank farm and Gas Booster Pump will help you get the perfect mix! 

Our Service Lab is fully equipped to repair and maintain your gear, and our Professional Service Technicians will help keep all of your gear in optimal condition!

Dive Travel 

The Dive Academy is well known for hosting dive trips to amazing locations around the world. Our inclusive dive community is warm and welcoming to all divers, new and experienced alike.  Our travel schedule is planned tentatively to the end of 2022! Offering both land based and live-aboard adventures. Our divers enjoy fantastic dive destinations while benefiting from the preferred group rates our travel partner are able to supply to The Dive Academy. 

Call us for more details!


Over 70% of your world is underwater…….. too much to miss!

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