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Join us for up to 3 dives with

Captain Steve Wallace on the 

Georgian Explorer!

Dive Sites

Maple Dawn

The Mapledawn is a steel freighter that went down on Nov. 30, 1924 with a cargo of barley. She lies in 15-30' of water. Look for her giant boilers. winch and chains and engine. The propeller lies in 30' approx. feet off the stern.

The Michigan

The Michigan is a steel steamer that worked on the Great Lakes for over 50 years. She was stranded on Hope Island on Nov. 24, 1943. Max. depth for this dive is 15'. Look for her giant gears & machinery.

The Marquette

The Marquette is a schooner that is approx. 139' long and sits in 40' of water. Look for 2 anchors with chains still attached to the windlass, centreboard box, winch and one last deadeye on the bowsprit.

Georgian Explorer is a Fully Licensed Commercial Charter Boat which meets all Ministry Standards. 

Charter Cost: $180  + HST and Includes

  • ​Up to 3 dives, weather permitting  

  • Lunch served by Captain Steve Wallace

  • Dive Gratuity

  • Rental Gear from The Dive Academy, if needed

What you need to know:

  1. All charters must be paid for in advance

  2. Waivers must be signed and presented to Georgian Explorers prior to departure - No Exceptions

  3. Departure time is 8:00 AM - Please arrive at the dock no later than 7:30 AM to load gear.

Download Waiver Here

Where will the boat pick me up?

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