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Diving at night or in limited visibility can open a whole new world to your diving career.

Imagine interacting with the wild and wonderful creatures that only come out at night!

Course Description:

Learn the skills and concepts required to safely and comfortably dive at night or in limited visibility conditions.

Some of our lakes and ocean's most amazing creatures only come out only at night, so your dive doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. 

This Certification Course may be applied toward the Advanced Open Water Diver Certification.


  • Minimum OWD Certification

Course Includes:

  • Online Digital Learning

  • 1 Classroom Sessions

  • 3 Open Water Checkout Dives (see note)

  • Use of Scuba Tank, BCD, Regulator and Stage Tank Kit

Please Note: One (1) Open Water Checkout Dive must be with your instructor. The remaining 2 Checkout Dives may be logged with your dive buddy.

Not Included:

  • Boat Charter Fees (if applicable)

  • Personal Dive Gear (dive computer, mask, snorkel, fins, boots)

The SSI Night & Limited Visibility course is bundled with the SSI Navigation course for a savings of $125. 


All Continuing Education Courses are offered on an "as-needed" basis throughout the year! 

The Dive Academy

Appleby College Pool

Welland Scuba Park

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