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The Regulator Fundamentals program at The Dive Academy is designed to offer you a basic understanding of the operation of a two stage scuba regulator, and give you the ability to perform minor field repairs to “save a dive”.

You will have a comprehensive understanding about the needs of regulator repair schedules and simple maintenance tips that will ensure proper performance.


This 3 hour program will cover the following points:

- Understanding the first and second stages of the regulator
- Effects of environment on performance
- Typical issues to beware of and how to prevent and repair
- Reading the health of your first stage
- Minor adjustments to prevent a free flowing second stage
- Orings: durometer and material-Dealing with the Achilles Heel of buoyancy
- and more...


Arrange to pick you your Divemaster Kit for this program at The Dive Academy prior to your course. (The cost of this kit is included in the price.)

You will work on your own regulator so we can examine any special needs that your specific equipment may have.


Where and When:
via ZOOM  7:00 pm  - 10:00 pm 

Jan. 12th or Mar. 9th, 2022


Program Cost  $230. + HST per attendee. This includes certification and a your personalized Divemaster Tool Kit.


Regulator Fundamentals

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