SSI diver stress

& rescue

Stress is a major cause of diving accidents and negatively impacts rescue situations. Learn how to recognize and manage stress before you enter the water, and during a dive. 

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Course Description:

The SSI Stress & Rescue Program is one of the most important Recreational Diver Programs available. This program will help develop your skills as a diver and raise your awareness of your environment. It helps you to be more able to recognize signs of stress, ahead of time, to prevent an issue in water. And then of course, if you find yourself in a “situation” this program helps you with new tools to help and resolve issues.


Due to the level of skills required for this course, it is required for divers to own their own dive gear. A diver should be well established and comfortable with dive skills, so they are able to now shift their focus to the needs of other divers.


  • Advanced Open Water Diver Certification

  • Own Dive Gear

Course Includes:

  • Online Digital Program

  • 3 Classroom Sessions (2 Virtual via Zoom + 1 practical session)

  • 4 Pool Sessions

  • Use of Scuba Tank, Weights & Dive Rescue Equipment

  • 4 Checkout Dives

Not Included:

  • First Aid/CPR & Oxygen Administration Certification

You will earn the SSI Diver Stress & Rescue Certification after completing this program.

The completion of this course entitles a diver to show proof of 50 logged dives and achieve their Master Diver Certification.


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an "as-needed" basis throughout the year! 

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